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Voice of the Child Campaign

What is Voice of the Child, and why are we adamant to reach at least 200,000 people in this campaign? 

Voice of the Child (VOC) was implemented following specifically Section 10 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, which states the following: 

“Every child that is of such an age, maturity, and stage of development as to be able to participate in any matter concerning that child has the right to participate in an appropriate  way and views expressed by the child must be given due consideration.”

Voice of the Child therefore forms part of our standard Mediation Process and is a vital initiative aimed at amplifying the perspectives and needs of children in various contexts.  It provides a platform for children to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns, ensuring their voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes regarding decisions that affect them in divorce or similar situations.

Our commitment to reaching at least 200,000 people in our VOC campaign is driven by the belief that a broader outreach enhances the representativeness of the gathered insights. By engaging a substantial number of individuals, including parents, guardians, educators, and professionals, we aspire to create a more inclusive and informed dialogue that truly reflects the diverse experiences and needs of children, ultimately fostering a more child-centric approach.


To enter the competition and qualify for the prize draw, you are invited to click on the button below and complete the submission form.  Upon submission, you will receive a complimentary Family Assist Voice of the Child e-Book.

Share with as many people as possible, and stand a chance to win!


First Prize:  A Family Assist VOC Toolbox including a voucher for 1 day of training in our Voice of the Child Training Course Practical

Second Prize:  40% Discount on the Family Assist Voice of the Child Practitioner Online e-Training Course

Third Prize:  Free VOC sessions with the children when you Mediate through MediationWorx

Fourth Prize:  A Family Assist “I want to tell you” Book set worth R315.00

Fifth Prize:  A Family Assist VOC T-Shirt

Join us in our child-centered approach by becoming a vital part of our Voice of the Child campaign. Your participation ensures that the voices of children are not only heard but celebrated. Let’s create a platform where their perspectives shape our decisions and actions.  Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future, by making sure that every child’s voice is heard!