Mediation, in general, is a voluntary process in which parties to a dispute utilize the services of an independent third party or ‘mediator’ to facilitate the discussions between the parties with a view to settling their disputes amicably. 

Family Assist focuses on:


The concept of a parenting plan is arguably one of the most useful legal instruments introduced by the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, purposely designed to lead parents through the emotionally charged quagmire of a messy breakup of a previously trustful relationship. Such a plan becomes pivotal to govern expectations and delineate rights and responsibilities, especially in the critical first 18 months after separation when nerves are exposed, egos are triggered, and communication may well have deteriorated to a point of complete standstill.

The parenting plan is the subject of regulation in ss 33 to 35 of the Children’s Act and the legal milestone that brought much needed clarity to this somewhat fractured section of South Africa’s (SA’s) family law. The Children’s Act was instrumental in incorporating and replacing an array of separate legal mechanisms, including –