Forum where practitioner and parent have access to assistance

Multi-disciplinary network to influence positive change

Provide training and skills development in the mediation industry

Developing Family practices and ADR concepts




Divorce/Separation options & Voice of the child

Child focused Collaborative assistance for your needs, alternative agreement outcome, Parenting Plans with “Voice of the Child”

Mediation & Parenting Plans

Information about the services of an independent neutral mediator to facilitate the discussions between parents to settle their disputes amicably

Support Options

Support options with regards to Life Coaching, Parental Coordination, Counselling, Post-divorce, Maintenance, Reunification with parents, and Co-Parenting Guidance

Post Divorce

Post-divorce process

Family Assist Network Mother Child About Us

About Us

Influencer... Positive Change

Raising awareness on the benefits of the cost effective and less stressful CHILD-FOCUSED COLLABORATIVE MEDIATION PROCESS.

Training to professionals, service providers and partners across the various disciplines (Mediators, Attorneys, Social workers, Therapists, Facilitators, Life coaches, Educational Psychologists, Mentors, Counsellors and Professionals in the medical and financial fields).

Cooperation and connection of strong professional relationships with the Family Advocate, the Family and Divorce Courts and other stake holders in the mediation industry.

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