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Your preferred Mediation Training Provider

We offer accredited online training for professionals. Become a successful mediator with

our step-by-step online e-training course!

This is a comprehensive, 70-hour e-training course in which you will learn relevant family law, mediation techniques, and the best practices for the industry.

We offer lectures, exercises, videos, assessments, and detailed valuable feedback. By the end of the course, you will be fully equipped to enter the world of mediation and add this skill to your resume!

Training Courses

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What is e-Training?

e-Training, or electronic training, is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. Although
e-Training is based on formalized learning, it is provided through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and even cellular phones that are connected to the internet.

e-Training is a convenient way to bring Mediation Training Courses to your doorstep.  It is a great way to learn new skills and brush up on existing ones. With e-Training you can study from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere you have an internet connection. e-Training gives you control over the learning process - it is self-paced, cost-effective, and supports your individual learning style and needs.


  • Mediation Training

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  • Voice Of The Child Practitioner Training

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  • Parenting Plans & PRR Agreement e-Training

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  • Kidz Skills

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  • CSAP Certification

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  • Bridging from your Platform to CSAP

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Available For Purchase

  • Large Reading Book – I want to tell you, by Marici M Corneli

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  • Kan ek jou vertel - Deur Marici Corneli

    Groot Leesboek – Kan ek jou vertel, deur Marici M Corneli

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  • Large Activity Book – I want to tell you, by Marici M Corneli

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  • Large Book Set – I want to tell you, by Marici M Corneli

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  • Small Book Set – I want to tell you, by Marici M Corneli

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  • “Couples Conversations” Journey

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  • Co-Parent Connect & Kids Skills Connect

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  • Coming Soon!

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For more information on our Divorce Book Series, visit our Divorce Book Website

Voice of the Child Campaign

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This training was one of the best courses I ever attended. It was very insightful, the speakers were all pleasant and professional, and the training material was clear and easy to understand.

Anzelle van Zyl


Today’s training course improved my communication skills, it helped me recognise ways to build better relationships with my team, and also to be more productive. It encouraged me to become more self-aware and open-minded and to be more conscious of my attitude. I feel that my colleagues would also benefit from this course.

S. Crous

VOC Practitioner

Thank you for the excellent quality of training during this course.

The training helped me to improve my skillset, and I’m excited about the new tools which you have equipped me with, and which I can add to my toolbox.

H. Erasmus

CSAP Professional

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Training to professionals, service providers and partners across the various disciplines (Mediators, Attorneys, Social workers, Therapists, Facilitators, Life coaches, Educational Psychologists, Mentors, Counsellors and Professionals in the medical and financial fields).

Cooperation and connection of strong professional relationships with the Family Advocate, the Family and Divorce Courts and other stake holders in the mediation industry.

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