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About Family Assist Network


To assist children, adults and families through emotionally challenging times by providing a wholistic bouquet of professional support services within the various disciplines involved. To be driven by acting ethically, with integrity and empathy to empower the client(s) to move into new beginnings.


To be recognised as the most efficient and effective professional network of service providers and partners, that assists families through trauma, separation and/or divorce.

To become a household name in South Africa and the preferred multi-disciplinary services network in Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Raising awareness and to educate the public on the benefits of the cost effective and less stressful CHILD-FOCUSED COLLABORATIVE MEDIATION PROCESS.

Constant development and training of our professional network, service providers and partners across the various disciplines (Mediators, Attorneys, Social workers, Therapists, Facilitators, Life coaches, Educational Psychologists, Mentors, Counsellors and support professionals in the medical and financial fields).

Cooperation with and the fostering of strong professional relationships with the Family Advocate, the Family and Divorce Courts and other judicial and/or governmental role players.


Family Assist (Pty) Ltd was formed for the purpose of creating a multi-disciplinary collaborative network of professionals and to develop the skills of mediators and other practitioners who work with families.

Family Assist Network (FAN) believes in collaborative child-focused mediation processes that involve the full scope of assistance to families in times of transition or restructuring, including but not limited to mediators, attorneys, parent coordinators, life coaches, counsellors, social workers, co-parenting facilitators and other mental health professionals. FAN develops family practises and ADR concepts and networks with parents and Family Courts.

It runs its collaborative process in national “Hubs” in South Africa and also Southern Africa including Swaziland and Mozambique.

Marici M Corneli (Jacobsz), MD of Family Assist journeys alongside many people in Mediation; always with a mission and vision of generating ethical, confident, skilled and experienced mediators to assist families in need and motivating these individuals to become exceptional Mediators.

It is her personal view that the lack in the industry and perception of the public and law industry mainly stands on the complaints of mediators not being skilled and experienced enough, and that current accreditation requirements are not nearly sufficient.

To address this FAN presents a five-day Mediation Skills course with mediator and trainer Jacqueline O`Brien under Family Assist’s umbrella.

Jacqueline O`Brien’s course is accredited by the PSETA/ETQA, NABFAM and ADR Register. In her personal capacity she is a PSETA facilitator, assessor and moderator, a NABFAM/SAAM trainer, assessor and supervisor and a training provider for ADR Register. In addition, she is accredited by DiSAC as a commercial mediator and internationally with CEDR UK.

To further develop skills and gain experience and if considered suitable, applicants who have successfully completed the course, can sign up for a mentorship programme with Mediationworx, Marici’s mediation company which will help them to get accredited by ADR Register. It is a professional development programme offering workshops, role play & case study meetings and pro-bono co-mediation in the Pretoria children and maintenance courts.

The workshops which are part of the programme are very affordable and open to any mediator. They are offered as half, one- or two-day workshops and are all accredited by ADR International.

ADR Register is a subsidiary of Global Network Group, and has registered offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and South Africa.

In South Africa, ADR Register is represented by Mrs. Zerica Theresa Du Preez (born March 23rd, 1965, South Africa, and a South African passport holder).

ADR Register is a registration/certification body and operates independently. ADR Register certifies ADR practitioners and their companies worldwide. ADR Register holds the certification main-scopes arbitrator, conflict coach, mediator and negotiator and the certification sub-scopes court mediator and family mediator.

ADR Register certifies mediators against the criteria set by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and the ISO 17024.

ADR Register is accredited by International Mediation Institute as Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for the continents Africa and Europe.

The ISO 17024 is a conformity assessment against the general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

ADR Register is an ISO 9001 certified company. ADR Register is certified by Lloyds Register Netherlands and has registered its ISO 9001 certification with UKAS London. The relevance of the ISO 9001 certification can be determined on the registered scope.

  • The ISO 9001 scope of ADR Register is:

“Facilitating worldwide education & training, CPD, examination, certification and registration process for professional groups, bodies and individuals, legal entities, foundations, associations and (non)governmental organizations, according to the Global Network Group Statute.”

Global Network Group Statute article 4 describes its general objectives. Article 4.2. of the Global Network Work Statute states:

The certification, examination and registration of companies, persons, authorities and organizations, as well as the certification and registration of products. The certification of persons is handled against or in analogy to ISO 17024. The certification of products is handled against or in analogy to ISO 17065.”

More training in the Family Assist Training Stable will be rolled out, consisting of:

  • Maintenance training
  • Accrual Calculation training
  • Court-Annexed Mediation rules training
  • Co-parenting through Mediation
  • Law and Finance training
  • Psychology training in 3 faces
  • Mediation practise skills training
  • Parenting Plans and PRR agreements training
  • Conflict training

Family Assist will continue to uplift professionals with training and skills development and assist parents with creating awareness of their children`s best interest, as well as building a relationship with courts and role players in the FAN Collaborative process.

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Family Assist

We believe in a holistic mediation process which involves various role players. We strive to assist our clients in finding the best way to finalise a divorce with the least amount of trauma.

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