Divorce & Separation

We will structure a packaged for your needs, with regards to the following:

  • Alternatives agreement outcome
  • Parenting Plans with “Voice of the Child”
  • Financing options are available

Our Team Process

In the instance of an uncontested break-up the following process will take place:

  • Pre-Mediation (Caucus): One on one meeting with each party to determine the issues and solutions
  • Mediation: Meeting with both parties discussing the issues at hand – Outcome: Settlement Agreement (Alternative Dispute Resolution – Both parties are in control of the outcome)
  • Where a child/ren are involved the Voice of the Child is mandatory: That due regard and due consideration be given to any views and wishes expressed by the child.
    • Qualified VOC therapist (Psychologists/Social Worker) will have at least three VOC sessions with the child.
    • The VOC therapist will give verbal feedback to the parents and mediator/s.
    • The VOC report plays a big role when reaching the final settlement agreement.
  • When there is a need for therapy: In certain cases one or both parties may be referred to qualified therapist to work towards the “unique solution”
  • Once a settlement is reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be drafted and signed off by both parties.
  • Parenting Plan: To strengthen the MOU a parenting plan will be discussed and agreed upon.
  • The MOU will be referred to FAN appointed lawyers: The final settlement agreement will be drafted and signed by both parties t be presented to the court.
  • The signed Parenting Plan will be attached to the final settlement agreement and presented to the Children’s Court