About Us


To assist children, adults and families through emotionally challenging times by providing a wholistic bouquet of professional support services within the various disciplines involved. To be driven by acting ethically, with integrity and empathy to empower the client(s) to move into new beginnings.


To be recognised as the most efficient and effective professional network of service providers and partners, that assists families through trauma, separation and/or divorce.

To become a household name in South Africa and the preferred multi-disciplinary services network in Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Raising awareness and to educate the public on the benefits of the cost effective and less stressful CHILD-FOCUSED COLLABORATIVE MEDIATION PROCESS.

Constant development and training of our professional network, service providers and partners across the various disciplines (Mediators, Attorneys, Social workers, Therapists, Facilitators, Life coaches, Educational Psychologists, Mentors, Counsellors and support professionals in the medical and financial fields) 

Cooperation with and the fostering of strong professional relationships with the Family Advocate, the Family and Divorce Courts and other judicial and/or governmental role players.